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Website Walkthrough (1/7/2022)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

We are going to quickly walk you through some of the capabilities now encompassed in the employee portal of the website.

Employee Portal

  1. scroll to the very bottom and click "Employee Portal"

  2. If you are not logged in then you will be asked to do so.

  3. If you are A) Logged In and B) Assigned to the Employee Group you will be admitted to the Employee Portal

The Job Board

  1. The Job Board is your communication outlet. With the right credentials you can add jobs, tasks, projects, and general communications for use throughout your company. This post here is on the job board with the title Website Walkthrough (1/7/2022).

  2. You can add text as you see here, pictures, videos, even files.

  3. These posts can be modified, and commented on. Keep in mind that with the right settings enabled coworkers can comment on a post and it will email the owner/writer of that post that a new comment was made. It is a very easy and malleable way to keep interoffice information up-to-date and available to all employees.

Job Board Video - 1/7/2022

Quotes Program

  1. The Quotes Program is meant to be able to easily create, modify, print, and save quotes and at the same time make them easily available to all members of the team.

  2. The program is written in such a way as to allow employees to come back and visit the quote and the details in the price calculation at any time.

Quotes Program Video - 1/7/2022

Pipe Calculator

  1. The Pipe Calculator is simply a stand-alone version of the calculator that the Quotes Program uses to build the tubing costs. Perhaps there is a need to be able to quickly come up with a quote which could be best answered with quick access to the Pipe Calculator without the need to save the data for a later date.

This can be formatted to be easily seen on mobile devices as well.

Inventory Program

  1. The Inventory Program is a custom built platform for Steelhead Tubular to record, update, and transfer inventory owned by Steelhead in the various yards with certain algorithms to easily move tubing from one category to another.

Download PPTX • 50.70MB

Price Tracker

  1. The Price Tracker is an online Google Sheet that allows employees to track recent quotes and prices across the company so that all employees have easy access to the most up to date information without needing anything fancy to record it directly onto a webpage.

  2. All employees allowed into the Employee Portal will be able to view the price tracker.

  3. Employees with the correct credentials will be able to update the price tracker.

Permissions and Credentials

The owners of Steelhead Tubular have access to add and modify members of the team through with their login information that they have been provided. The Pathforward Analytics Team can help you navigate through these steps if necessary.

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