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Welcome to your Job Board!

Here you can create, edit, update, and record any information you would like to share with one another. You can embed spreadsheets, maps, client information and even videos if you'd like.

Essentially it is a repurposed company internal blog to share posts, updates, and strategy.

Normally, these boards are for employee use and resource sharing only but honestly you can make anything out of it. You can even create break out a public board and share company news updates or headlines but most of my clients use these boards to share data and provide a narrative of ongoing projects.

A couple of suggestions:

Keep and edit a client list that each person can update or add to

Use it as a forum to discuss topics with one another and allow onlookers (either now or later) to follow along - think of it as a group text but much less annoying

Every company does something different. This is just a supplemental resource to help keep cohesion among your team and it is best used with an open mind.

You can categorize each post and have filters: Clients, Company Announcements, Resources, Miscellaneous, or whatever you'd like.

Some companies use the [tags] to assign themselves (or others) certain ongoing tasks and it can help clear up some ambiguity without having to string a ton of emails or text messages together to do so.

Good Luck!

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Unknown member
Oct 19, 2021

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